shazam film 2

2” sequel. movie left unanswered is the identity of Shazam's (Zachary Levi) next big baddie, who was once speculated to be Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam. 2 will start production is a complicated one because the answer is unclear. The movie is based on the comics by Bill Parker and C.C. Shazam's post-credits scene introduced Mister Mind and teased a potential team-up with Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong), but … opened to the tune of $159.1 million around the world when it opened last year. “Portl… Fury Of The Gods Start Production? Here's who the three new villains in Shazam!Fury of the Gods could be.One of the biggest questions the first Shazam! The lighthearted superhero film starred Levi as Shazam and Angel as 14-year-old Billy Batson, who could turn into the godlike superhero at will. As things stand, answering the question of when Shazam! When Will Shazam! Warner Bros. has moved back its live-action “Sesame Street” movie six months to Jan 15, 2022, and set an April 1, 2022, release date for its “Shazam! Shazam!

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