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This amount is about 20 grams less than the usual 45 grams of sugar found in many sodas and other sweetened beverages. FEURICH Chips. You gotta love that label: This American classic claims it's "Made with Aged Vanilla" but we see no mention of "Vanilla Extract" in the ingredients list. Wir bitten um Beachtung, dass diese Aktionsartikel nicht in der Filiale vorrätig bzw. Handynummer erfolgreich authentifiziert haben. And be sure to stay away from These Sodas With More Sugar Than 4 Donuts. Quillaia extract? Although Coke Life is sweetened with stevia, it's certainly not a "diet" beverage. because of the sweetness alone—it's one of the most caloric on this list. Here are 8 major food recalls you need to know about right now. The black cherries here add a tart and tangy flavor to this soda. Between 2010 and 2018, Sierra Mist had rebranded to Mist TWST, which was sweetened with high fructose corn syrup and no natural sugar in sight. Giving up caffeine is never a bad idea! This Mountain Dew flavor boasts that it contains "a splash of real juice." The Seneca Cinnamon Apple Chips and Clancy's Cinnamon Apple Chips sold at Aldi and on Amazon are part of a new recall because of possible Salmonella contamination, according to the FDA. This soda is basically the same nutrition-wise as the one above it, but comes out in a better spot thanks to its somewhat cleaner list of ingredients. This is not your grandparents' soda, in the worst way possible. We're not sure we would call this cola "bold," but it does have kola nut extract in it, a natural ingredient. Wir haben Ihnen einen Bestätigungslink per SMS geschickt. In July 2018, Sierra Mist returned to its natural formula from 2010, made with real sugar and no stevia. 8 major food recalls you need to know about right now, 50 Drinks With More Sugar Than a Hershey's Bar, 7 Snacks That Are Causing You to Gain Weight. You know when you add some Mentos to a two-liter Diet Coke and the whole thing explodes? This soda sure won't taste like actual grapes and it contains Blue #1, a food dye that the Center for Science in the Public Interest recommended consumers be wary of. This soda's key ingredient is the kola nut extract, which has a slightly bitter flavor and a little bit of caffeine. Don't let the word "premium" confuse you. Read more. A recall of pre-cut fruit like apples and watermelon sold at Walmart was recently issued, but there is another you should know of. We're not so sure what the 100% natural flavors are that are boasted about on the can, but there must be some strawberry in here then, in the midst of all those other additives. Benton’s … Keine SMS erhalten? Wir bitten um Beachtung, dass diese Aktionsartikel im Unterschied zu unserem ständig vorhandenen Sortiment nur in begrenzter Anzahl zur Verfügung stehen. A can of this still packs 24 grams of sugar and is 90 calories. All just, well, crushing stuff. ALDI liefert Angebote FÜR ECHTE ALDI FANS, ALDI liefert Angebote Elektronik & Multimedia, ALDI liefert Angebote Wohnen & Einrichten, ALDI liefert Altgeräteentsorgung/Batterien,, At less than 100 calories a can, this is definitely the best of the regular sodas (although that still doesn't make it healthy!) I don't know about you, but after a long day of hard work and play, I like to sit back and relax and crack open a can of Glycerol Ester Of Rosin (said no one ever). It's for sure not a natural combination! Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und Telefonnummer. Diesen Link rufen Sie im nächsten Schritt auf und aktivieren somit den Erinnerungsservice. But unfortunately for the fans of this one, Cel Ray blends actual celery seed extract with HFCS. In other words, your body can't tell one from the other—they're both just sugar. In fact, for only 30 calories more you could have an entire Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut, and save yourself 33 grams of sugar in the process. If you need more reasons to stock up on actual fruits, here's What Happens to Your Body When You Don't Eat Fruits & Veggies. Original Chocolate Chip Cookies mit Schokolade Indexed on: With HFCS, caramel color, and 42 grams of sugar in one can, there are much better soda options out there for you. But drinking this isn't going to give you those same benefits! This soda takes classic Mountain Dew and ramps it up with a twist of citrus and dark fruit flavors, but we're not seeing any actual fruit listed here! If you want to sip on something cherry-flavored, this is the soda you go for, as it's the least offensive of the other options on this list. Speaking of weight gain, be sure to stay away from these 7 Snacks That Are Causing You to Gain Weight. This caffeine-free drink is back in its original glory! The lime-green soda contains brominated vegetable oil or BVO, a patented flame retardant that acts as an emulsifier in citrus-flavored soda drinks. If you wouldn't eat three and half bowls of Apple Jacks, then you should stay away from this root beer. Dieser Artikel ist bereits im Markt erhältlich. This childhood favorite can stay on the shelf. No thanks. It's nice to see green tea actually listed as an ingredient rather high up on the nutrition breakdownn of this soda. Sie können daher schon am Vormittag des ersten Aktionstages kurz nach Aktionsbeginn ausverkauft sein. But again, don't let that trick you into thinking it's a "healthy" beverage choice! This classic—once made with real cherry juice—is, unfortunately, a variation on a common blend. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Children, those who are elderly, and those with weakened immune systems are most at risk. The tagline is "Real Ginger, Real Taste" but the main ingredients here are carbonated water and HFCS. This root beer was created by a pharmacist who introduced the first Hires Root Beer back in 1876, and many people actually owned Hires Root Beer Kits, which let families brew their own root beer right at home. Think of this drink as the better-for-you cream soda. And the ingredients are pretty simple, too—sweetened with cane sugar and stevia, there's no HFCS, which is a bonus. This version of the Dew was actually chosen by fans of the classic drink, so the flavor surely is something special. Ein SMS-Versand ist nur ins deutsche Mobilfunknetz möglich. GoldenRetriever. On the bright side, it has no BVO. It's a soda Often promoted by the athletes, but we can't really imagine LeBron and friends guzzling a can of carbonated corn syrup before a game…. This soda has as much HFCS-derived sugar as 10 croissants, and we don't see ginger on the actual list, unfortunately. The combination of Dr Pepper and rich cream soda might take you back to your childhood with just one sip, but that's all you should have. Let that sink in: One of America's most popular sodas has that much sugar. Bitte prüfen Sie die eingegebene Rufnummer. It's the sugar. The vanilla variation of this soda sneaks ahead of its ginger sister flavor, thanks to it being 5 calories less. Well, it's described as "a white blast of smooth citrus flavored Mountain Dew" and it is foggy white in color. Fruit punch is always a rather risky drink choice, as sugar tends to be high, so it's no surprise this fruit punch soda isn't necessarily the best option. Any doctor would most like tell you skip out on Dr Pepper. It's also colored with that pesky food dye, Yellow #5, a food dye that studies have linked to hyperactivity in children. No, an actual doctor didn't create this soda but if one did, we like to think there would be a lot less sugar and more natural ingredients. Our moms used to give this to us when we had a tummy ache. Die Erinnerung kann nur versendet werden, wenn der gewählte Termin in der Zukunft liegt und Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse bzw. Maltodextrin, brown rice syrup, dextrose, sucrose—the list goes on. Es gelten die „Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen ALDI liefert“, die unter abrufbar sind. Um unseren kostenlosen Erinnerungsservice nutzen zu können, müssen Sie sich bei erstmaliger Nutzung authentifizieren. However, it can also cause arterial infections, endocarditis, and arthritis if it reaches the bloodstream. This is a truly classic cola. But their cream soda is a mix of HFCS and artificial colors and flavors. Aktuelle Angebote von ALDI Nord: Informieren Sie sich über unsere wöchentlich wechselnden Angebote. Think you're having too much of the sweet stuff? A small list of ingredients is something we can get behind. Still, it contains Yellow 5, which gives it that distinct color. Our childhood nostalgia is crushed: This kid-favorite brand has no actual grapefruit. And visceral fat has been shown to increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, among other ills. In fact, it just might be contributing to that soda belly of yours. Wir haben Ihnen einen Bestätigungslink per SMS und an Ihre E-Mail-Adresse geschickt. Bei Speditionsware (Lieferung frei Bordsteinkante oder frei Verwendungsstelle): Keine Lieferung auf Inseln, Postfilialen, Packstationen und Paketshops. While it's not necessarily harmful, let us repeat: you're drinking oil and water. It's the one drink you should simply refrain from drinking whenever you can. cookie was the one with a more "homemade cookie" flavor. The Clancy's Cinnamon Apple Chips also comes in a 2.5-ounce bag and has two possible individual package codes of 26JUN2021 and 27JUN2021. The wood resin is added to fruit sodas to help the fruit-flavored oils mix better with the water. The yellow color of this soda doesn't come from an actual pineapple. Best chocolate chip cookies they taste homemade. With 51 grams of sugar in one can, any variation of Crush soda is just a landfill of sugar. Fore more truths about the fizzy stuff, here are 40 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Soda. Aldi still has Benton's Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies available to purchase but they're just not the same, as these cookies are similar to Chips Ahoy and simply don't have the texture or the taste that reminds you of the homemade cookies from your childhood. If you're truly trying to get a six-pack, don't do the Dew in any variation and instead scroll through this comprehensive list of foods that uncover your abs. This soda doesn't have a laundry list of ingredients, which is refreshing to see, but still, it will set you back a decent amount of sugar. Keine Lieferung an ALDI Filialen. It's been banned in Europe and Japan before, and there have even been some reports that those who drank an excessive amount of sodas containing BVO suffered memory loss and skin and nerve problems. Die Abmeldung/das Löschen Ihrer Daten ist jederzeit über die Seite ". Dazu speichern wir Informationen über Ihren Besuch in sogenannten Cookies. Die Artikel werden in baugleicher Ausführung unter verschiedenen Marken ausgeliefert. The healthiest-sounding soda on this list nearly is. Die Erinnerungsfunktion wurde daher deaktiviert. It's not uncommon for "sodium and potassium benzoate are added to some diet soft drinks and fruit drinks," Leslie Bonci, RD, tells us. Looking for better ways to satisfy your sweet tooth? Klicken Sie auf den Bestätigungslink und aktivieren Sie damit Ihren Erinnerungsservice. The soda ranks well because of its calorie count, but we can't recommend you drink it! Jede Woche neue, attraktive Angebote entdecken und kostenlos nach Hause bestellen. These Sodas With More Sugar Than 4 Donuts, Center for Science in the Public Interest, 16 Subtle Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar, 9 Best Fruits for Weight Loss, Approved by a Nutritionist, I Was Addicted to Soda—Here's What Helped Me Quit, What Happens to Your Body When You Cut Out Caffeine, What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Coke, What Happens to Your Body When You Don't Eat Fruits & Veggies, 73+ Best Healthy Dessert Recipes for Weight Loss, 40 Side Effects of Drinking Too Much Soda. No caramel color—ranking goes up! Seneca has removed the chips from their production. Consuming the contaminated product can cause fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, the FDA says. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Fact check: New York Gov. Whether or not you like the unique taste of this old fashioned cola, it isn't the worst thing you could drink for your health. Wenn Sie hiermit einverstanden sind, klicken Sie bitte auf „Zustimmen“ ansonsten bitte auf „Ablehnen“. While the bright hue of this soda may lure drinkers in, with 46 grams of sugar, it's best to think twice before taking a sip. Oh caramel color. Like Stewart's cherry flavor—and many of the colored sodas here—this one has the artificial color Red 40. 43 grams of sugar in one soda is a whole lot, even if it is Stewart's. Why not munch on any of these 9 Best Fruits for Weight Loss, Approved by a Nutritionist to get your fruit fix the right way? The ginger flavor is promised to be "bold and spicy," too. Read the original article on Eat This, Not That! Worst part: They're still sodas, and otherwise contain the same ingredients as the rest. Instead, opt for actual strawberries with some whipped cream. And while there still is HFCS, it is a lower percentage. It's a very common additive you'll find in many sodas, coffee drinks, salad dressings, and soup, but it's also a potential carcinogen. This soda doesn't seem like it's all that bad but it does still have one big caveat: Lisa Moskovitz, RD, founder of The NY Nutrition Group, says "…high fructose corn syrup, which has been shown to increase appetite and, over time, lead to health problems such as obesity and diabetes." But in a review of five studies comparing the effects of sugar and HFCS, there was no difference found in changes in blood glucose levels, lipid levels, or appetite between table sugar consumption and HFCS consumption. This raspberry flavored drink has more sugar than three Dunkin Donuts glazed donuts. If only there was actual raspberry in this soda, and we don't just mean in the "natural flavors." Instead of drinking this, make a weight loss smoothie! This version of Mountain Dew is "sparked with orange," both natural and artificial orange flavor, that is. And for 45 grams of sugar, ditch the fizzy stuff and go for a fresh mandarin orange isntead. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. One can comes packing with nearly 40 grams of sugar creating a combination you're going to want to stay away from. Im Kessel geröstet; fein ausgewählte Gewürze sowie spezielles Röstverfahren garantieren einen extra krossen Knabberspaß; in verschiedenen Sorten, Die Kartoffeln werden mit Schale gewaschen, in große, dicke Scheiben geschnitten und langsam schonend goldgelb geröstet. Wir planen unsere Angebote „ALDI liefert“ stets gewissenhaft und auf Basis aller verfügbaren Erfahrungen. Although this soda was developed to be "the best-tasting root beer," it certainly isn't doing you any favors health-wise. With other recalls being issued recently, it's important to note the items you've purchased in the last few months. Barq's Root Beer overall has a slightly less horrifying chemical profile than its competition. For more grocery news delivered straight to your email inbox every day, sign up for our newsletter! If that isn't a red flag, we don't know what is. Not sure how to give up soda? Produkt-Rückruf: Gourmet Finest Cuisine – Forellenkaviar, 50g, Produkt-Rückruf: Roi de Trèfle, Original französischer Brie, 200g; Sorte: Klassik, Produkt-Rückruf: Pastrami, 150 g; Sorte: Pfefferkruste, Wir bitten um Beachtung, dass diese Aktionsartikel nicht in der Filiale vorrätig bzw. If you're looking for a refreshing summer treat with this classic flavor combo, you're better off eating the classic Creamsicle ice cream bar that's only 100 calories and 12 grams of sugar. Both snacks are produced by the Seneca Snack Company, who voluntarily issued the recall. Just eating a real mango is much cleaner for your health than this beverage. Nur Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands in das Vertriebsgebiet von ALDI Nord The perennial #2 in the cola wars carries 5 grams more sugar than a 3 Musketeers bar. A short list of ingredients and cane sugar? Squirt soda was invented in 1938 by Herb Bishop in Phoenix, Arizona, so it's been around for a while! Barq's creme soda fairs slighting better than its root beer, thanks to being 5 milligrams less in sodium. There are currently no reports of any illnesses. Hier geht’s zu unserer großen Produkt-Auswahl. Now as adults, we get a tummy ache looking at it. But yes, there strikes HFCS, yet again, in the canned version. Try out any of these 73+ Best Healthy Dessert Recipes for Weight Loss. If you just ate some actual blueberries, you wouldn't consume any Blue 1 like you get from this soda. (Don't try that at home.) A&W traffics heavily in the nostalgia of the roadside restaurant—the company created the nation's first chain of them in 1923. This Kentucky-based brand swaps the red dye with natural colors from fruit and vegetable juices, and unlike many of the ginger ales the list, it actually includes fresh ginger in their brew. There is some orange pulp in here, but that doesn't make it healthy for you, as HFCS is still a main star. Yikes. Customers who purchased the chips should return them to Aldi, Amazon, or Gemline. 38 grams of sugar is quite a lot, whereas eating a cup of green apple slices comes in at only 11 grams of all-natural sugar. Be more scared of the sugar here—you're basically drinking five root beer-flavored Dum Dums mixed with additives. The 0.7-ounce variety has a UPC code of 0 18195-70140 4 and an individual package code of 26JUN2021. Meine E-Mail-Adresse/ meine Mobilfunknummer bleibt gespeichert, bis ich diese Einwilligung widerrufe. The soda has a distinct amount of foam when it's poured, too. There seems to be no mention of any actual strawberries in this ingredient list, with "natural" flavors coming in last behind HFCS, caramel color, and Red #40. Along with not sipping on this drink, make sure you don't buy any of The 32 Unhealthiest Snacks On the Planet either! Liquefy a bag of Skittles to equal the sweetness of this can of corn syrup, citric acid, and artificial colors. This soda has more calories than a Mountain Dew (though with less artificial colors, thus the better ranking). By now, you might start to see some of the most popular sodas for what they really are: carbonated water, HFCS, some acids, and little else. The best (and worst) part of researching these sodas is coming across the many ingredients soda manufacturers add to their concoctions. Yeah, yeah, you knew it was bad, but hear us again: HFCS is bad! With more sugar than seven Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, Stewart's Black Cherry would be a "Not That!" Sie erhalten Ihre Erinnerung am ${date} um ${time} Uhr. Red 40—ranking goes down. So what exactly is White Out soda? Wie sollen wir Sie benachrichtigen, wenn der Artikel verfügbar ist? In fact, that bag of Skittles has similar ingredients, including Red 40. Bitte bestätigen Sie Ihre E-Mail-Adresse. The cookies come in a 13 ounce package of cookies “full of real chocolate chips.” They appear, to us, to be meant to be Aldi’s imitation of Nabisco’s Chewy Chips Ahoy!, right down to the vaguely similar red packaging. And while it still has a rather long ingredients list and far too much sodium, it does clock in at only 100 calories and 25 grams of sugar, which is a lot less than other Mountain Dew flavors. Wir bedauern es, falls ein Artikel schnell – womöglich unmittelbar nach Aktionsbeginn – nicht mehr verfügbar sein sollte. sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox! Die Artikel werden in baugleicher Ausführung unter verschiedenen Marken ausgeliefert. Orange is the original flavor of Crush sodas, but the amount of sugar, the Yellow 6, and Red 40? The label touts that it's "made from real ginger & with real juice," but the only place we guess that ginger might be lurking is in the "natural flavors.". Does anyone even know what red creme flavor is? E-Mail nicht erhalten? With this long list of ingredients, it's interesting to note that pineapple is not blatantly listed as a main component of this soft drink, but there are plenty of different types of sugar here. That brings in just about 13 grams of natural sugar—no HFCS in sight. Blue raspberry isn't a naturally-occurring flavor by any means, and the color of this drink comes from you guessed it, Blue 1. That Yellow 6 and Red 40 seems to be a repeat combo offender. Ihre E-Mail-Adresse und Ihre Mobilfunknummer werden zu Übertragungszwecken, um die Erinnerung für einen ausgewählten Artikel zu versenden, sowie zu Authentifizierungszwecken für spätere Erinnerungen im Rahmen dieses Services gespeichert. This soda claims to have an "authentic bold taste," but we wish there was more actual ginger prominently used here. With HFCS, Red 40, and Blue 1 in this soda, we think you'd be better off getting real grape flavor from, well, grapes. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. And, like many of the soda found here, it also contains the additive caramel coloring. Then, when Branciforte compared the pre-made Aldi Benton's cookie to the Nabisco Chips Ahoy! That's thanks to the Gum Acacia in the candy, which is listed in A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives as a natural emulsifier and is in the soda, too. lagernd sind. ALDI Nord möchte Ihnen die bestmöglichen Inhalte bieten. The caffeine-free version of this citrus pop was created because of consumers' requests for one in 2002, but it comes in with more calories than the original flavor. It's probably a good idea to pass on this vanilla coke, if we're being honest here! This childhood favorite is even cuter in a bottle, and although it is high in calories and sugar, it scores lower on the list for fewer ingredients and its use of fruit and veggie juice for coloring rather than artificial dyes. The Aldi chocolate chip cookie came out on top, costing about a third less to buy. Klicken Sie auf den Bestätigungslink und aktivieren Sie damit Ihren Erinnerungsservice. Viel Spaß beim Entdecken. All-natural bourbon vanilla is said on the soda's site to be the secret to this cream soda's distinct flavor. The Seneca Cinnamon Apple Chips come in a 0.7 ounce or 2.5-ounce package. Best part of clear sodas: no caramel color. Vielseitiges Sortiment kleine Preise Need proof? With this list of ingredients, you're much better off making a key lime pie and eating that instead! Ausführliche Informationen über den Einsatz von Cookies auf dieser Webseite, wo Sie Ihr Einverständnis auch in die Zukunft gerichtet individuell widerrufen können, erhalten Sie durch Klick auf „Mehr Informationen“. Although it's a bit higher in calories, this cream soda is made with pure can sugar and not HFCS, making it a better for you option if cream soda is your favorite flavor. All we're getting from this nutrition breakdown and ingredients list is that it's something you just should avoid drinking! The website claims, "Only the finest Spanish oranges make a sweet enough juice with just the right citrus zest to flavor this creamy, bold classic," and with minimum ingredients, we just might believe it. Wir bitten um Beachtung, dass diese Artikel nur in begrenzter Anzahl zur Verfügung stehen. Klicken Sie auf den Bestätigungslink und aktivieren Sie damit Ihren Erinnerungsservice. These Chips at Aldi are Being Recalled. Sugar is the master of disguise. And if you're looking for other beverages to cut from your shopping list, check out the 50 Drinks With More Sugar Than a Hershey's Bar. Eating an actual peach? Im Kessel geröstet; fein ausgewählte Gewürze sowie spezielles Röstverfahren garantieren einen extra krossen Knabberspaß; in verschiedenen Sortenvon ALDI Nord: Alle Informationen zum Produkt. Mir ist bekannt, dass ich meine Einwilligung jederzeit widerrufen kann. This classic, now distributed by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, has lost market share since its 80s heyday, but remains a crisp drink that's not much better than a Coke. This is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink a Coke. In a study of about 1,000 adults over the course of six years, people who drank soda or other sugar-sweetened beverages gained an extra 1.8 pounds of visceral fat—the fat that sits inside your gut, damaging your internal organs and pushing your belly out. This soda—like many others on this list—is sweetened with HFCS, which makes for a shocking sugar count. This soda is now owned by the Dr Pepper/Snapple group and is said to have a "satisfying richness" in flavor. That's all thanks to additives Yellow #5 and Yellow #6, with Yellow #5 even causing allergic-type reactions in some. Blackberries are high in vitamin K and are one of the best high-fiber foods you can eat to help your weight-loss goals. Plus, the pineapple flavor contains soybean oil, which has been linked to weight gain. Für jede weitere Nutzung ist keine weitere Authentifizierung mehr nötig. Better than Chips Ahoy by far! Helpful. The root beer is this brand's original flavor and is actually brewed by hand in small batches. Schnell, einfach und entspannt einkaufen: Wir bieten Ihnen eine Vielzahl an Services und Leistungen – alles für Ihr komfortables Einkaufserlebnis. It wasn't. The larger bag has a UPC code of 0 18195-70100 8 and an individual package code of 28JUN2021. A recall of pre-cut fruit like apples and watermelon sold at Walmart was recently issued, but there is another you should know of. Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass ALDI Nord meine personenbezogenen Daten wie dort beschrieben verarbeitet. Der Verfügbarkeitszeitraum und die Lieferart eines Artikels werden auf der jeweiligen Artikelseite mitgeteilt. The apples baked into chips are first grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington state. Still, that's much less than other traditional colas on the market. Well, as classic as soda can get, as there is still caramel color, but no HFCS! That doesn't mean you should drink it every day though. They will receive a full refund. Here's What Happens to Your Body When You Cut Out Caffeine. Einfach zum Einkaufszettel hinzufügen und in der nächsten Filiale erwerben. Shop for a variety of snacks from Simply Nature. Nur Lieferung innerhalb Deutschlands in das Vertriebsgebiet von ALDI Nord. If you think choosing a fruit-based soda is a better option for your health, well, that's just not true. This soda isn't nearly as high in calories as others on this list, but there's that HFCS and still 32 grams of sugar, so keep that in mind when cracking open one of these cans. (Although, "best" still doesn't mean healthy!) Leider ist ein Fehler aufgetreten, bitte versuchen Sie es später erneut. Besides the apples, other ingredients include canola, sunflower oil, corn syrup, sugar, cinnamon, citric acid, and more. This is another example of don't let the colorful packaging fool you. Here are 16 Subtle Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar. But its most well-known costume, as you know after reading this far, is High Fructose Corn Syrup. Its name refers to "royal crown cola" and it was developed by a pharmacist. Original Chocolate Chip Cookies.Chips Ahoy! This citrus-inspired sip. Still, Seagram's Ginger Ale has a lower calorie count than most. cookie, she once again incorrectly guessed the two brands, assuming the Chips Ahoy! Props to Ale 8 for being the only cherry soda here that doesn't use red dye 40 to give their pop a bold hue. Sorry to disappoint, but you're much better off simply eating watermelon or adding the fruit to some water than sipping on this sugar-filled soda.

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